About Milan


Tony Gaudette, Founder

Tony Gaudette grew up within the Northern Coast Italian community and has been a passionate design teacher in the Quebec college network for more than a decade. His whole life, good food and the art of living were part of his universe. Several decades later, Milan has only one goal: reinvent those mythical kitchen objects that were part of the founder’s childhood.

In 2003, this artist and pedagogue took part in workshops of cabinet-making to learn all the secrecies of wood. After eight years of discoveries, he merged his love for design to its vocation of creator by giving birth to the first products of Milan.

Design and communication graduate, he was always fascinated by the creation of culinary objects. With a master in graphic design and multimedia from Laval University, this craftsman had everything needed to bring his unique touch in the universe of culinary products. Tony Gaudette launched and founded Milan in 2011.

Credit: Jean-François Mailhot, photography and video